Receive an invitation to our next LIVE "Happy to Me ME! teleclass with Valerie Sheppard.  Explore what inner journey and relationship are the real keys to happiness.  Discover how to clean house so junk-in-the-trunk isn’t getting in your way.  Create a new model for being happy.  And adopt practical ways to keep you out of depression and anxiety, and keep the joy flowing abundantly forever!For acting now, you will receive two free gifts that you can start using right away to create more happiness in your life.  That’s right!  For registering for our class invitations now, you’ll receive:

1.     "Navigating Stormy Seas:  Five Steps to Smoother Sailing through Difficult Times"©.  This easy-to-read guide will help you face challenges and overcome adversity without behaving in ways that rob you of your happiness.  Learn the T.R.U.S.T.© model and find comfort, feel empowered and become peaceful while tapping into your inner wisdom to create solutions to resolve whatever problems you face.

2.     Monthly messages, tips and tools for vibrant living, like healing meditations, that help you live “Happy to Be ME!”  We send them to you automatically so it’s an effortless way to receive guidance on manifesting more abundance, peace, joy and love.

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