Do you know my Mom, Loretta Sheppard-Hirst?  She’s an amazing woman.   On a recent birthday,  she presented me with a card that listed the ABCs of me. It’s always been a Blessing for me to see myself through another’s eyes, even when what they’re telling me is not at all what I want to hear. But it’s especially wonderful when the other is Mom.

So here’s what she said in my card.  See how many you think she got right. Just don’t bother arguing your point with her. After all, she is my Mom.

Ambitious  Beautiful   Cultured   Daring   Experienced   Fair   Gutsy

Helpful   Intuitive   Joyful    Knowledgeable   Loving   MBA

Negotiator    Personable    Quality   Reliable    Strong   Tenacious

Unforgettable    Vivacious   Willing   Xtra-Special   Youthful    Zealous

Here are my choices…some I’m already living, some I intend to be…

Affable   Broad-minded     Compassionate    Determined    Entertaining    Fun

Goofy    Hedonistic    Intuitive     Judicious    Kundalini   Light-Hearted

Motivated    On-the Ball     Prosperous    Quirky    Reflective     Spiritual

Teacher   Undaunted   Vivacious    Worldly    Xenophobia-phobic   Young-at-Heart   Zealous

So what’s your alphabet??  What do you claim as the hallmarks of you being you?

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