“Thank YOU, Valerie! Dawn and I personally got so much from today's show so I KNOW our listeners did too!"

Jennifer Geronimo, Co-Host of Scorpion Equinox Radio

“Valerie Sheppard is a brilliant speaker who lights up the room with insight, intelligence and genuine guidance. She educates and elevates her audiences in success principles that motivate and inspire action.  It has been my distinctive pleasure to welcome Valerie to our Amazing Woman’s Day stages on multiple occasions with plans to invite her back time and time again. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a dynamic presence for your event, keynote program or symposium do the same!”

Marsh Engle, Author, Founder of Amazing Woman's Day, www.marshengle.com

“It was a delight to attend Valerie's workshop! The workshop material was filled with wisdom and love. Valerie's greatest strength is that she's been through it all. Her first-hand accounts of personal transformation are truly valuable.”

Dave Macek, Executive Director, Red Lotus Society

“Valerie, thank you for sharing such an enlightened message during the National Christian Writers Conference. Your leadership and inspiration is a joy for all of us. Your voice of wisdom will be remembered for a long time.”

Antonio Crawford, Crawford Irby International Foundation

“Many thanks for your beautiful presentation at our Wednesday Night Live program in Palm Springs in March.  Your message was a true inspiration to all of us on the importance of joy in our lives.  You taught us that when we can know that we are all magnificent essence, perfect and divine, not our little "me" ego but the greater "ME" which is our real self, we can truly move into alignment and know personal transformation.  Then we know Joy!  You taught us how to "stay above the fray" and experience life to the fullest!  We also love your book "Everything Is Subject To Change."  You are a brilliant and beautiful woman! Thank you, Valerie.  We look forward to you speaking at another Wednesday Night Live program soon.”

Rev. Carol Evans, Innerfaith Spiritual Center

“Valerie Rene Sheppard certainly deserved the standing ovation she received from the Wednesday Night Live Spirit, Mind and Body speaker's forum tonight! A powerful and profound presentation! Thank you Valerie for being You! We are so deeply Blessed! ”

Dr. Sharron Stroud, Innerfaith Spiritual Center

“Thanks for being on today's show, Valerie! You are a vibrant and amazing woman, and I know my audience enjoyed the wisdom you shared. You are awesome!” February, 2011

Tonya Freeman, Tonya & Friends Radio

"Valerie is a very astute guest. She is bright and knowledgeable but most of all extremely caring with lots of heart and soul. That makes big difference and listeners pick it up."

Patricia Raskin, Host "Patricia Raskin Positive Living"

“Valerie Sheppard is a smart; amazing woman like none other. When we first meet, within a few minutes I felt a very warm soul that I connected with. She is a vibrant, fun, and very sophisticated person. I heard Valerie speak at an event and I was blown away. Not only will you find a great communicator, you will see a fabulous entertainer too and a person that is very passionate about life, always putting others first. When working with Valerie it will be a privilege and you will be very pleased. I recommend her over and over again because she is a bright and friendly spirit that will be there for you when you need her most. If you are looking for a vibrant lady to heal your life and soul; even find your passion or purpose, you have found just the person to connect with, Valerie Sheppard!”

Yancey Unequivocally, President/Founder, Empowered Presentations

“I had the pleasure of working with Valerie at Zyman Group during the years when we were doubling the business (or more) for several years. Valerie is not only a great strategic thinker but she is incredibly intuitive, articulate, and insightful. I found these qualities as well as her discipline and loyalty to be uniquely special because they were instrumental in her delivery of exceptional work. As a result our clients were thrilled because their business benefited; in turn we were able to secure more business too. The highest compliment came a couple years into our work together when a client hired her to run a major division of a Fortune 100 company. Valerie's multi-faceted expertise in client, consulting, and marketing roles (as well as many various pursuits outside of these areas) enable her to bring unique perspective that would bring new value to any organization.”

Brad Gerdeman, Managing Principal, Zyman Group

“When I think of Valerie Sheppard, I think of powerful perspective and impact. She practices the philosophy of being "on the journey" with those she guides, as well as leader or coach. This "team member' approach builds trust and gives her the listening ear people need and want. She provides a process for growth and guides the traveler in every step with both accountability and heart-felt supportive energy. Her holistic approach to personal growth truly helps those around her discover unique new ways to blend heart, body, mind, and spirit. Because of our journeys together, I count Valerie as both friend and colleague.”

Rod Kempton, Vice President, Education, Quattro University

“Valerie Sheppard brings to life the rare combination of high level corporate leadership, fun, respect and admiration combined with the importance of living one's heartfelt purpose. Her background and current relationships with extraordinary leaders in the world of transformation and coaching provide individuals access to life changing, heart opening and joy filled experiences. Valerie's laser focused listening skills and knowledge of transformational modalities allows individuals to create their path for their dream life. I'm grateful to have her in my life and will always listen carefully to her counsel.”

Brent Ragan, Independent Regional Leader, Quattro University

“Valerie is one of the most insightful managers I have worked with. She has the ability to quickly grasp both the business challenges and interpersonal challenges faced by work groups seeking to become high performance teams. At P&G, Valerie had to lead across a co-promotion alliance and find innovative solutions to interface challenges created by two distinct and strong company cultures. Valerie's solutions have always had the right balance of being grounded in theory, but highly practical in execution. As a consequence, Valerie's counsel leads to sustainable problem solution versus a quick fix. Plus, Valerie is just a joy to work with.”

Ed Burghard, Director of Marketing North America, Procter & Gamble
managed Valerie R. at Procter & Gamble

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