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Personal Leadership Speaking/Workshop Topics

Overall, these workshops use various teaching and healing modalities, and are all designed to deliver the same outcomes, as follows:

  • Identify and transform beliefs, perceptions, values and behaviors that are no longer serving our highest good
  • Reconnect to our hearts and commit to experiencing our emotions deeply and truly
  • Create a stronger sense of Self and connection to our innate wisdom and guidance
  • Define a new way of being and set a course to live it
  • Experience a new level of peace, contentment, success and happiness.

“Happy to Be ME!”©

Joy is a fundamental human state. Yet many of us struggle with how to be and how to stay happy.  We wrestle with doubt and fear in our daily lives.  We fight “negative” emotions, like feeling depressed, anxious, angry or fearful.  Many of us are struggling with financial limitations, lack of inspiration, health issues, major life transitions and more.  It’s no wonder we often feel frazzled, overwhelmed, and UNhappy.

That’s where Happy to Be ME! can help!  Through this motivational keynote, Valerie guides the audience to an unbreakable connection with their authentic source of happiness.  She’s developed a simple 4-step process that will help anyone who applies it get and stay happy no matter what’s going on around them.  Participants will:

  • Explore the rules of the happiness game and which one relationship is the real key to winning it.
  • Discover how to clean house so emotional Junk-in-the-Trunk™ isn’t getting in the way.
  • Create a new model for being happy.
  • Adopt practical ways to overcome depression, anxiety, fear and anger and keep the joy flowing abundantly forever.

“Lighten Up & Let Go:  Claim Your Vibrant Life!”©

HAPPY ~ FULFILLED ~ VIBRANT ~ HEALTHY ~ INSPIRED ~ SUCCESSFUL.  All of us want these words to fully describe our lives, but let’s face it – for most of thus these are fleeting experiences at best.  What is getting in the way of having the life of our dreams?  Through experiential exercises including movement, music, meditation, and interactive discussion, Valerie guides participants to:

  • Get clarity on why things aren't working in their lives
  • Identify the deepest junk-in-the-trunk that needs to be transformed from darkness to light
  • Fine-tune themselves into a vessel that attracts and experiences abundance, peace and love
  • Use child’s play to tap into their wisest and most resourceful Self
  • Adopt practices, like laughter yoga, to help them recreate a life that they love living!

“Making the Head-to-Heart Transition©:  The Key to Creating Your Desires”

Most people brought up in the West value intellect over emotion, thoughts over feelings.  Over time, this robs us of our ability to feel compassion for ourselves and others, to hear our Divine and intuitive voice within, and ultimately to tap into our innate sense of direction and vibrational ability to attract and create that which would bring us the most joy, peace, satisfaction, and success.  Through experiential exercises and interactive discussion, including emotional scoring and Think/Feel/Act Analysis, Valerie guides participants to:

  • Identify their level of heart disconnection
  • Uncover blocks to experiencing the six primary emotions fully
  • Develop an ears-not-necessary ability to tune-in to their hearts
  • Create personal re-programming tools to reconnect to their hearts

“Darkness Goes to Light:  Bringing Truth and Peace into Disappointment and Despair” ©

Many of us are dealing with major loss, upheaval, and even chaos that are impacting our lives in significant ways.  How can we live in peace, happiness and contentment in the midst of personal financial collapse, environmental disaster, employment stress, and break-downs within family structure?  Importantly, the ability to avoid getting mired-in-the-“muck” of our lives is critical to our ability to transform it.  Valerie will guide participants to engage in courageous introspection using various interactive and experiential techniques to:

  • Mine the “muck’ to examine what’s really there
  • Explore the ways we engage in resistance that actually keeps us mired
  • Identify the ruts, obstacles, hurdles we’ve adopted that get in the way of our excavation
  • Explore their Grief IQ©  and what stage of grieving they may be in
  • Calculate their TAR Factor© and adopt behaviors to raise it

“Create the Vessel to Receive Your Good” ©

In the wake of the popularity of “The Secret,” many people are disillusioned from not having had success thinking their way to a better life.  Yet, the desire is still there - we all want to create the lives of our dreams more easily and effortlessly.  We want fewer struggles, less disappointment, less disconnection.  How do we increase our ability to attract that which we seek?  Through movement, meditation, and other experiential exercises including Into the Looking Glass© and the You-ness of You©, Valerie guides participants to:

  • Explore attachments and how they are helping or hindering them
  • Determine the quality of relationship with self
  • Calculate their TAR Factor™ and adopt behaviors to raise it
  • Create an intention and gratitude practice and commit to ongoing engagement

Business Leadership Speaking/Workshop Topics

Valerie brings close to 30 years of experience in brand and business strategy development and execution, and coaching from both line management and consulting roles to audiences, and is now providing strategic, tactical and personal leadership consulting to entrepreneurs and corporate executives.  She brings the same powerful presence and engaging nature to topics on leadership and high-performance team development, as well as brass-tacks discussion on marketing, branding and business strategy.

Our leadership topics are designed to help business executives and managers deliver high-performance leadership that drives businesses to exceptional P&L results by:

  • Uncovering blind spots
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Optimizing risk quotient to drive decisiveness
  • Master the role brand equity leader
  • Develop a process for creating and optimizing a winning business and/or marketing strategy

“Intuitive Leadership:  Getting Out of Your Mind Results”©
Success is an inside-out endeavor, and it’s rooted in the Integrated Leader.  Personal leadership impacts the business at all levels.  This isn’t about “woo woo” or simply a “kinder/gentler” personality of a leader.  It’s about vision, strength and decisiveness born from a leader who is using the power of the intellect in concert with the wisdom of the heart. Without this kind of integration, leaders risk having difficulty making optimum choices, are unlikely to create a dynamic connection to their teams, strategic partners, and Boards, and may struggle to achieve ultimate personal and business success.  Through this keynote, Valerie helps audiences:

  • Learn a new definition of leadership
  • Assess the key drivers in their leadership style
  • Integrate their innate guidance system to make better decisions and connect with others

“Brand Mastery:  The Ins Outs and Upside Downs of Running a Brand” ©

Branding and marketing are misunderstood endeavors with many practitioners ignoring critical components of the equation.  They must be treated as principle-based disciplines and approached like both sides of a coin: engage on both scientific and artistic sides to maximize impact and results.  Valerie teaches marketing leaders:

  • The single driving force behind all marketing and branding decisions
  • The difference between strategies and tactics and how they work in concert to impact results
  • Where science and art collide to create the perfect marketing/branding storm
  • How to embrace and implement a CANEI mindset.

“Entrepreneurial Branding:  Defining and Leveraging Brand You” ©

For entrepreneurs, brand strategy must encompass both your business and personal brands to maximize impact and results. Strengthen your business results by creating congruence between your business branding and objectives, and your personal branding and presence.  Participants will:

  • Review key business principles of branding and marketing.
  • Explore the skill-set, mindset, and business leader frames of reference that significantly impact achievement of business goals.
  • Explore the impact of marketing “self”, as an entrepreneur, because you are in direct contact with your customer base.
  • Create a basic business and marketing plan that unites both aspects of branding.

To engage Valerie to speak at your company, organization or event, contact us HERE

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