Queen V ProductionsQueen V Productions, LLC was incorporated in December 2006 to produce the first-ever California American Queen Pageant, the state preliminary to the National American Queen Pageant, celebrating its 5th Anniversary in 2007. Beyond pageantry, Queen V will produce other local, state, and national events, as well as television programming and independent films. The company name was created by combining the “Queen” from Valerie’s national beauty pageant title, “Ms. American Queen 2004”, and her first initial, “V”.

Project management and event planning and production are old hat to Valerie, who has not only been at the helm of several leading brands throughout a 30-year marketing career, but who also owned and operated a catering business called Culinary Expressions.  She has created events ranging from intimate private gatherings to week-long educational experiences for hundreds of professionals.  Among her make-it-happen skill set are strong strategic thinking and analytics, detail-oriented tactical and logistical planning and execution, and exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Valerie also has a flair and artistry that brings events to life elegantly.

Queen V's other production projects have included print, video, and voice-over productions.  Valerie has led script development, creative direction, set design, wardrobe and talent coaching for commercials, video short films, and public service projects.

Whether you’re looking for event management or commercial production, we can support you.  Contact the Queen V herself at valerie@valeriesheppard.com for a consultation.

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