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Power Behind PowerThe Power Behind Power Handbook

Would you like to “power-up” your presence or your ability to get things done?  Are you looking for ways to create more success or to feel more satisfied by the success you’ve already achieved?  Whether you’re feeling stifled and need a new outlook, or you’d like some practical and actionable tips for how to be more empowered and powerful in your endeavors, “The Power Behind Power” is for you!

This collection of insightful nuggets will help you easily access and activate the power that resides within you.  Pulled from favorite practices that support her ongoing success, Valerie shares ways to live creatively, purposefully, insightfully, and with ease and grace, to help strengthen the way you use your personal power to create a life you love living.  The "Power Behind Power" is perfect for you, and also a great gift for another mover-and-shaker in your world!

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Valerie Sheppard Meditation

Happy to Be ME! Guided Meditations (Download)

I created this inaugural collection of meditations so you can have that connection -- so no matter what unfolds in your life, you are fortified to transcend it, with joy and happiness in your heart.

The collection includes four tracks to help you connect with the Magnificent Essence you already are.  Whether you are new to meditation or you meditate regularly, this collection will feed your body, mind and spirit and support you on your journey to Happy to Be ME!

“ABSOULUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!  Immediately, your voice and the music shifted my vibration into peace.  It is so important in this time for everyone to unplug and bring ease and grace into their life.”

Karen Klassen, Calgary, Albert, Canada

“Loved your meditations, Valerie.  Especially the last one.  They were well worth the money I paid to ULC for this month.  Thank you so much.

Susan Hinds, Longford, Tasmania

“I loved the meditation I listened to.  You really do have a soothing, clear, beautiful voice, Valerie.  I can’t wait for more.

Lisa Elia, Los Angeles

Listen to this sample clip:

[audio:|titles=CD SAMPLE Track - MASTER]

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