EverythingSubjectChangeBOOKCOVERCheck out this insightful and inspirational new book, written by best-selling Napoleon Hill author Greg Reid, which features transformational wisdom from our own Valerie Sheppard!

Everything Is Subject to Change by Greg S. Reid

Motivational Business Allegory Encourages Readers to Believe
in Their Dreams and Offers Practical Insights for Doing Just That

Emma sees in Tammy the spark of a born go-getter, in spite of Tammy’s current circumstances: 31 years old, divorced with two young kids, and still working as a cashier. When Tammy confesses, “Quite honestly, I often feel like a complete failure,” Emma warmly responds, “Well then, it sounds to me that you are the perfect candidate to help. Let me share something with you. Truth be told…All my heroes are failures.”

Thus is born a mentoring relationship between Tammy and Emma that changes Tammy’s life in every conceivable way. Emma shares her formula of success with Tammy, which begins with reading great books and meeting new people who inspire her to embrace challenges and problem-solve rather than accept complacency. Emma’s sage advice resonates with Tammy, and the young single mom works earnestly to incorporate it into her actions and her attitude.

The result is a fast-paced tale that motivates readers as much as the main character. Tellingly, Everything Is Subject to Change features expert commentary and co-authorship from a variety of great mentors, including Valerie R. Sheppard, Alex Szinegh, Barb Pitcock, Ben Garnica, Bill Frase, Bridget Bonheyo, Desiree Doubrox, Gavin Keilly, Glenda Lane, Holly Eburne, Iris Hirsch, Joe Barbieri, LeAnne Williamson, Maile Andrus-Price, Mike Corradini, Roger Bishop, Ron Freeman, Roxane Marie Schwabe, Sam Khorramian, Savannah Ross, Shelley Radziminski, Steve Rodgers, and Tina Marie.

The result is empowering: as Tammy Conley’s deepest-held dreams successfully unfold, even in the face of life’s unavoidable curve balls, readers are inspired to want more from their own lives. Just as important, like Tammy, they now have a practical game plan for actively pursuing their own most fervently cherished ambitions.

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